We care for you

We are all well-connected today. Have you ever thought about how much time we spend on screens?
Televisions, Computers, Tablets, Mobiles.
What effect does it have on us? Learn more.

Habits die hard!

Have you noticed how youngsters are stuck to their mobiles?
Constantly checking/sending messages, uploading photographs, forwarding messages etc.
Someone rightly joked that we text more and talk less today!

So, what’s this website about?

This website is all about learning how much you know/ don’t know about using digital technologies, regulating your screen time and spending more time with human beings. 

It’s about the safety of you, your accounts and your hard-earned money.

Our effort is to see that you use technology for your best interests and to empower everybody on digital well-being.


There’s an app for Digital Wellness? Just download it and see for yourself how much time you spend on your mobile. Try it out.